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Our Investment Philosophy

We work with our clients to create portfolios that are structured to manage and minimise risk.

One of the first principles we aim to adhere to is that clients should understand what they are investing in. We place considerable emphasis on educating our clients and we encourage them to read widely, and ask questions. The best results that clients achieve are the result of asking the right questions.

Correct Asset Allocation
Based on over 30 years of investment experience we believe that the correct asset allocation is critical, and often this will involve taking ‘high conviction’ decisions that may include totally withdrawing from poor performing asset classes.

We are a registered Tax Agent and understand the benefit of managing both income tax and capital gains tax when making investment decisions. Managing tax issues becomes vitally important at the time of retirement. Some of the decisions made when retiring have a lasting impact and must be carefully considered. We have a number of computer models that enable us to provide clients with alternative strategies for consideration.

The majority of our clients adopt a ‘balanced portfolio’ approach involving investments spread over cash and fixed interest, property based investments and shares in well managed companies. Prudent stock selection and regular reviews help manage the risk to income and capital value fluctuations.

Our approach to investing in real estate will depend on the size of the investment and the clients need for income. As a general rule we favour investing in listed property companies and trusts because the cost of buying and selling is very low compared to buying a whole property, the time involved in buying and selling is only three days per transaction, and clients can achieve a spread of investments rather than having too many eggs in one basket.

The systems we use to manage clients portfolios are cost effective, transparent and flexible. Most of our clients can access the details of their portfolios via the internet if they wish to.

Regular Reviews
Lastly we agree with clients on a system of regular reviews, because like our health or the servicing of a motorcar, the best results come from regular maintenance.

All of the investment transactions that we make for clients are made on a non-discretionary basis, meaning that clients must give instructions before any investment changes are made. Many of our clients now communicate with us via the internet, although this is not mandatory.

Successful Approach
This philosophy underpins a successful approach to ensuring that our clients achieve their investment objectives.

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