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The 4WD Club That Is Not In A Rush!

The 4WD Club That Is Not In A Rush!

Ever thought about going on a 4WD trek? The photo at the right is taken at Arkaroola Water Hole in the Flinders Ranges in South Australia by a person who enjoys the outdoors and driving in a 4WD. Below she chats with us about her experiences.

When and by whom was the 4WD Club established?
It was established some years ago by a group of experienced 4WD drivers who had retired and who wanted to go ‘outback’ in off peak periods. Original members who wanted to give it a “slower” flavour compared with the more time squeezed weekend type trips that most clubs can do due to their members' work commitments.

What attracted you to a 4WD Club?
…..being able to go on trips out of weekends and school holidays, and taking things a bit easier. If we have to come back a day later (if the unexpected occurs) we can do that.

In what sort of activities does the Club become involved?
Our Club run the short trips: 4WD 3-15 day trips, but we also do long trips out of the city over the winter, say 6-12 weeks, taking things very leisurely. We also have more trips base camping with trailers and caravans rather than move each night and put up a tent. We have at least one social activity per month.

What's the biggest trip you have done?
Biggest - in terms of distance/time?? – the Kimberleys and Cape York.
What's the best part of being a 4WD Club member?
Safety and companionship: you can go to places you want to go, which you would not do on your own, in a smallish convoy and enjoy the people you are with.

Advice / tips for people who would like to buy a 4WD:
•Think very carefully of what kind
•Think very carefully of what kind of places you want to visit.
•Are the places very remote, with very rough terrain over long distances?
•Will you be using a camper trailer or tent and moving each night? (Think medium to large 4WD).
•Are they base camping with access via ‘back top’ (meaning caravan or camper trailer)?
•Think about towing capacity and more road handling.

Contact: ‘A first point of contact for Idlers 4WD Club is the Membership Secretary on 0406 700 500.’

Website: http://www.fwdvictoria.org.au/idlers/