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Priorities - Flexible Employment Strategies

Why did you establish your business?

We believe there was a need to provide a nexus between the “under-employed” talent pool who want to work albeit flexibly and those employers who want good people and are prepared to think outside the square with respect to job design.

What is your background?

Long story - but I was most recently a business coach that followed from a general management career where I was the CEO of a $180M turnover organisation. I gave that away after the birth of my second son and decided to work for myself. I am an engineer by qualification.

Who do you work with?

Our client base tends to be in the SME sector (not micros) who are looking for good people to help their businesses grow. Our candidate pool comes from all walks of life but primarily mothers returning to work after being at home and mature age candidates who either want to re-enter after early retirement or want to scale back.

What have been some memorable moments?

There have been many. Our most recent was winning the Rotary Club of Hawthorn Ron Carr Enterprise award. The others would be placing our first candidate - a mum on maternity leave who didn't want to go back full time and we found her a great flexible role for her very senior accounting skills. Another would be helping a person who has been out of the workforce for over 20 years caring for her children and then her elderly parents. She got her confidence back through attendance at one of our courses.

What has been the toughest thing so far you've had to deal with in your business?

The amount of work!!! You really have to be smart and disciplined about working on the business not constantly in it!

What are three tips for mature people seeking employment?

1. Don't pretend to be someone you are not - it becomes very evident if you try to hide your age. Be honest in your cover letters about what you have to offer and why you are looking for employment.
2. Use your network to gain some confidence about what you can do. This is not “shopping” your resume, but rather having conversations with people who know you well and can help direct you. This is the most effective way to find a role by a long way.
3. Target your role. Do the research on what you want to do and where you would like to work first. Then target companies that match that profile. Do not do the scatter gun job hunt where you apply for everything. This will very rapidly become very disheartening.

Anything else?

It is a seller's market for talent. Now is the time for people to get out there and be bold about finding that job. Talent is needed and if your readers would like to talk to us - we make it our philosophy to talk to as many potential candidates as possible.

Your contact details?
Jackie Cook
03 9816 3433