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Retirees...Be On The Alert!!

Do you know people who seem to drift along in their second lives? You may know some of them: the ones who don’t have goals, aims and dreams? The ones who don’t have meaningful activity, but say they are ‘busy all the time’?

Those people should be on the alert!! According to Richard Leider and David Shapiro in ‘Something to Live For’

'Being purposeful during the second half of our lives is one of the most critical determinants of mental, emotional, physical and spiritual well-being. Social science research increasingly demonstrates this striking fact which, not surprisingly, is deeply grounded in all major religious traditions worldwide – articulated perhaps most clearly in the admonition to love or neighbours and enemies as friends. For example, in a nationwide study of older adults at the University of Michigan Institute of Social Research, researchers found that elders who gave assistance to others experienced significantly greater feelings of well-being than those who did not provide such support to others'.