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Name: Terry L

Previous Occupation:
Management positions in the NSW Club Industry for 22 years before ‘retiring’.

What made you go to university?
An inability to attend tertiary education whilst working because of work commitments but also because of the inaccessibility of such an institution within a reasonable distance.

What are you studying?
I am doing an Arts Degree at La Trobe University. I attend a regional campus at Wodonga. I am not yet halfway through the course but will pick two of English, History or Sociology as my majors.

Why did you choose this course?
I wanted to learn something new or at least, to be able to look at things I knew about, from a different perspective.

How long is it since you have studied?
I did the NSW Leaving Certificate in 1961. I completed a Supervision Certificate in 1972 but apart from industry training there has been no other study.

What are some of the things you have noticed about uni life?
Socialisation. Life can be reasonably boring after retirement. My wife is younger than I and continues to work….I have been able to meet new friends. Most of them are younger than I am and that has also allowed a different view on the young and their aspirations.

How hard it is!! After not studying for quite some time, I found the requirements of an Arts degree quite demanding. An Arts degree has the requirement of lots of reading and essay writing. I also noticed that I set a fairly high demand on myself to achieve but I soon swung into the grand scheme of things and quickly realised that, with a little hard work and a balanced life, such an achievement was not beyond me.

Are most of the students under 30?
Yes, thank God!! (it is not an old people’s home and the enthusiasm is all around) although the campus is trying to attract more mature aged students.

Have you learnt anything from the younger students?, What do you think they've learnt from you?
Life’s experiences. It is incredible how much younger, inquisitive and intelligent people want to learn from those a little older. I have found they take a little more notice of me than some of the tutors. I am one of them and they do not see me as someone who is older than most of their parents.

Your advice for others over 50 who are thinking of going back to study?
Give it a go; especially if you have never studied before but have always dreamt of it. One should never die with an ‘if only’ on your lips. Most Universities have programmes to help you get back to the study mode. I have found that the smaller campus I am attending allows a more personal relationship between staff and students.