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Time Share Boating Convenient And Cost Effective

By Yvonne Williams of www.wheeldestinations.com

Here is a fantastic idea for those who love boating but can’t be bothered with all the hassles that go with ownership.

Time share boating has become a very popular alternative to owning your own and companies providing these services have sprung up all over Australia.

It’s a bit like joining a golf club you pay your fees and have access, in this case, to a fantastic cruiser and a brilliant lifestyle.

There couldn’t be a better solution for people who are physically unable or can’t be bothered to tow and launch their own vessel. Time share boating is definitely the lazy person’s way to get out on the water.

One new company we discovered Is Pleasure Cruising Club located at the Anchorage Marina in Williamstown Victoria.
They offer their members a brilliant walk on walk off service on their fleet of luxurious Mustang Cruisers which are built in Australia for our conditions and offer a level of space and comfort that most boat users can only dream about.

At Pleasure Cruising Club you can choose from 3 levels of membership – Bronze, Silver or Gold and each level will give you an allocation of credits that you use each time you book to go out on your boat.

A Bronze membership is great for those who want to ‘suck it and see’ if boating is a pastime that they would like to become involved in. You can pay your fees by the month and what’s even better; you could have a consortium of friends or family to share the cost of a membership. Booking is easy, all you do is go online and choose the day you want. Your cruiser will be waiting dockside all clean and gassed up ready to go.

To purchase, insure, moor and maintain a 38ft Sports Cruiser such as those in the Pleasure Cruising Club fleet you would have to commit a cool $400,000 to it before you even got out on the water.

It is interesting to note, that one of Australia’s largest marine insurers recently did a survey of their members and to their surprise they found that most boat owners only used their vessels for 15 days per year. So when you think about it there is a lot of money tied up in boats that are just sitting around depreciating in value.

We were treated to a free sea trial on one of PCC’s Sports Cruisers and the level of creature features we discovered were magnificent. These boats will take up to 12 passengers for day cruising or for extended or overnight stays they will sleep up to 6 people in very spacious luxurious quarters. None of this sleeping on thin bits of foam, you get real Queen size accommodation. The cruisers also have full galleys and bathrooms, entertainment centres and plasma screens.

On the day we cruised out of Williamstown there was a very stiff breeze and Port Phillip Bay had chopped up considerably.
At one point we also had the seas running side on – at no point did the boat skip and jump around but came up on the plane very quickly to give a smooth comfortable ride.

Vision from the elevated fly bridge was great and there was always plenty of power in reserve with twin Volvo motors rumbling below.

When it came to berthing, bow thrusters took the guesswork out of positioning such a big boat. All in all the Mustang Sports Cruiser was a very impressive package.

We also found she had a full complement of safety equipment, life jackets, including ones for children, a GPS and depth sounder.

Safety is a big consideration at Pleasure Cruising Club, Managing Director Gary Freeman said,” we want all our members to have the most enjoyable and safe boating experience possible. That’s why we ensure all our members are fully trained in cruiser operation. We will even organise boating licences if required”.

As far as bang for your bucks, convenience and lifestyle goes, time share boating makes a huge amount of sense because you get such a lot of boat for your money.

Should you tire of boating (and we can’t imagine how you could) or illness intervene, you can choose not to re-new your membership and you are not tied to a huge asset that you have to dispose of.

Pleasure Cruising Club has a special offer for Where2 Now visitors during May and June. All new members signing up will receive a 20% credit bonus on top of their membership level allocation.

If you wish to book a free sea trial please contact Pleasure Cruising Club –
info@pleasurecruising.com.au or phone 1300 132565 to arrange a time.


Yvonne Williams