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Pursuing Your Passions

Around the world an increasing number of people are pursuing lifestyle careers, hobbies and businesses. When we were writing the first edition of
Where To Retire In Australia, we came across many people around Australia who had ‘retired’ and then started a profitable hobby, small business or had found work for a few days a week. We wrote up 101 of the stories in Retire Bizzi.

Although the income was important, it wasn‘t the only reason they had discovered new ways of working and having fun. For many it was a chance to do something they loved, have a new experience and contribute to the community. Most people said they could not imagine 'not doing something’.
We have a large number of stories of people here and overseas who are having the time of their lives.

We aim to bring you inspiring stories here.

Australia: “Retire Bizzi” and Make Money

Passion And Purpose…

Thinking that you want to follow your passion, your dreams in ‘retirement’?

Have a look here for some things to consider

ASFA's 50th birthday

‘Milestones can catch up with you and surprise you, especially 50-year birthdays. At these significant milestones, industries tend to look back to understand fully where they have come from; so it is with super and ASFA’.
Read the Barrie Dunstan article about the ASFA 50th birthday here

Hoarding......What Is It? Why Do People Hoard?

What is hoarding?, why do people hoard? and is it a problem related to ageing?…these are some of the questions we asked Dr Stephen Macfarlane, Associate Professor and Director of Aged Psychiatry at Caulfield Hospital for some comments.
Click here to read Dr Macfarlane's comments

Success Beyond Sport......Annette (Huygens-Tholen) Lynch

How do Olympians cope with retirement?
‘Founder of Success beyond Sport, Annette Lynch, (as Huygens-Tholen) represented Australia for 15 years in Indoor and Beach Volleyball and is a 2000 Olympian. She has written a book called ‘Success Beyond Sport’’.
Here are Annette's comments about life beyond sport

Allan Stewart.....The World's Oldest Graduate

Allan Stewart first graduated in 1936. He has since graduated another three times……the last being in 2012 with a Maser of Clinical Science.
What is interesting about Allan (and who has been doing the maths!?) is that he is now 97 years of age. We had a chat with the amazing Allan.
Read about the inspiring Allan Stewart here

Blue Nomads

We've heard about Grey Nomads, but what are Blue Nomads?
Cruising is on the increase.
We had a chat with Marlene Watson from Strathmore Travel about cruising here

Capering Around....Helen and Barry's Story

Ever wondered ‘where capers come from’? Well wonder no more, thanks to the efforts of Helen Jones and Barry Porter organic capers and caper products are being grown right here in Australia. These two are certainly pursuing their passion.

Helen writes: ‘Before we started our food adventure as caper producers, Barry and I often enjoyed a pasta dish - Linguini with smoked salmon, peas and vodka - which I also loved preparing, partly because it was easy, mostly because it included capers. They were only a minor ingredient but I elevated them to a major one - by just using more!’

Helen and Barry's caper story is here

Marvellous Mosaics, Peter And Janice's Passion

You would not necessarily think that a couple with backgrounds in management for many years, would be a dynamic duo in the art of mosaics.
However, think again, the creative team of Peter and Janice is a force to be reckoned with…….they have created wonderful pieces including a surfboard, a football, a chair, various guitars, garden art, wall art, photo frames and house numbers!!
Read about the creative husband and wife team here

From Farm To Fame, The Old Fella

He’s been dubbed the ‘Funniest Retired Farmer working as a stand up comedian in Australia’, (entertainment.oz.au), but how does a farmer go from the paddock to making it to the top four in the Grand Final of the t.v. show, ‘Australia’s Got Talent’.
Read about the farmer who has a different audience these days

Keeping Connected With Grey Nomads

As retirees hitch up the caravan and hit the road, a Charles Sturt University (CSU) researcher hopes learning how these ‘Grey Nomads’ communicate will uncover the best way of providing health and wellbeing information for full-time travellers.

Ms Margaret Dalmau is carrying out the research as part of her Master of Gerontology, through CSU’s School of Humanities and Social Sciences.

Read about Margaret's research here

Bob And His Marvellous Models

Bob grew up with the Dinky brand diecast models, and now he is pursuing his passion by selling the models (as well as the William Britain brand lead, hollowcast & diecast toy soldiers and models). He sells around the world via his website and says that ‘one of my earliest transactions was the sale of a diecast tractor to a girl living on a farm in Indiana’.
Read about Bob’s interesting business here

Robyn And Her Soap House

Robyn had a problem: she had itchy skin and the soap she liked to use came from England…….at $7 a bar. Being innovative, Robyn decided to have a go at making soap that was kind to skin….and so began ‘Robyn’s Soaphouse’. Her soap is now sold at ‘12 Farmers' Markets a month, two internet sites, local and interstate shops’.
Read how Robyn has turned a problem into a success story here

Chat With A Barcaldine Local

Douglas has lived all his life in Barcaldine, outback Queensland. What's it like living 1215 klms from Brisbane?

Read about our chat with Douglas here

From Peking To Paris........Kip and Carmen Waistell

Kip and Carmen Waistell are a couple who would never run the risk of being described as ‘beige’.

They enjoy travelling for a purpose.

On May 5th 2011 Kip and Carmen Waistell will set off on an 8,000 mile trip in an attempt to raise £5,000 for Smile Train, the world's leading cleft lip and cleft palate charity.

They are driving two Austin Sevens from Peking to Paris, through 7 countries and 1,400 miles of Gobi Desert. They are completely unsupported; totally dependent on the support of strangers.

Kip Waistell comments that friends say ‘We're mad. We get invited to lots of “last suppers”!’

Read about the Waistells Peking to Paris Great Adventure here

Fairview Farm Cottages, Chris and Rod Greenaway's Piece Of Paradise

Chris and Rod Greenaway live in one of the most beautiful parts of Australia: Tilba Tilba on the NSW south coast. They have two cottages for rent and Chris says: “It’s a peaceful place to live; picturesque and gentle. We have met some amazing people and made lots of good friends. We have a large number of clients who come back every year and it’s always good to see them again. I can’t honestly think of any “down-side” to having the cottages. Really and truly there is no down-side, it’s all terrific and we love it”.

Read about Chris and Rod's paradise here

Making It In Mansfield, Sally And Keith Weetman

Sally and Keith Weetman emigrated to Australia over 16 years ago from South Africa. The Weetmans now live in Mansfield, Victoria, a picturesque town of over 4,000 people. It is located around 185 km north-east of Melbourne and is surrounded by the High Country (many people will remember the area from the film ‘The Man From Snowy River’). However, they are not the type to put their feet up!
Read about the entrepreunerial Sally and Keith here

Love To Travel Around Melbourne? Love Meeting New People?

Are you retired but still looking for new challenges, a way to give back to the community and the chance to meet new people and see some new places? This might be for you!

Read about Travellers Aid here

Rodney Cook In Robe

We have researched retiring to Robe several times and written about it in our books. Rodney Cook has ‘retired’ to Robe in South Australia. Although his ‘'retirement’ is a little different and perhaps he will never retire completely. We met Rodney when we visited his very interesting shop in Robe. It's definitely worth a visit.

Read about Robe and Rodney here

Art (‘People Don’t Have A Use By Date’) Beavis

Art Beavis is a (retired) Marketing Manager who hasn’t stopped. Art’s motto is: ‘People don’t have a Use By Date’. That is certainly true of the energetic and creative Art. Silver Temp, established by Art, is an ‘innovative agency dedicated to placing senior people in temporary, part-time or casual employment’.

Read about the innovative Art here

Peter Calver And 'Lost Cousins'

Peter Calver runs a most interesting and helpful website for people researching their family tree. However, the entrepreneurial Peter founded a previous company that was one of the first companies to publish software for home computers, with simulated cricket games being their speciality, with many cricket greats endorsing the software (eg: Shane Warne, Brian Lara and Graham Gooch).

Will he retire? Peter has a great attitude: ‘As long as I continue breathing I'll continue coming up with ideas, and as long as I keep coming up with ideas I'll want to do something about them!’

So, how did Peter go from computer sports games to a family history website with 83,000 members?
Read more here

The Outback Helpers Scheme

Jean and her husband Ted help out with the Outback Helpers Scheme. Jean says that what she loves about being an outback helpers is, ‘Experiences and ending a hand and being able to let Property owners get on with bigger and more important jobs….making friends with them as well and getting to experience another life style and see how things happen in the bush. Getting off the beaten track and seeing the real Australia and being able to see things you would otherwise never know existed.There are so many characters out there as well.. its all good’.

Read more here

Retirement By Tim Bryce

Retirement is not for Tim Bryce. The management consultant says, ‘The idea of retirement is a strange one for me. My grandmother worked as a secretary in an architect's office into her 80's when the architect finally retired and closed the office. My parents never retired either, so I guess it is a bit odd for me to think about retirement’.

Read more here

Commander James Unkles And Breaker Morant........

James Unkles has ‘initiated petitions to review the convictions and sentences of Lieutenant Morant, Handcock and Witton who were 3 Australian who served with the British in the Boer War. Morant and Handcock were executed in 1902 for shooting Boer prisoners, Witton received a sentence of life imprisonment; the cases against the men have never been reviewed’.

Read more here

Beware Of The Silver Foxes By Tim Bryce

Tim says, ‘As you get older, you start to become more cognizant of your abilities as a worker. There was a time when a person was expected to retire at age 65’.
Read more here

Retired And Like Travelling? Here's Some News.....

Do you want to have a different travel experience?, meet new people?, use your skills and knowledge? Well, Barcaldine may be the place for you.
Each year 15,000 - 20,000 grey nomads visit Barcaldine, a town with around 1,900 people. The town is also becoming known for its innovative program to harness the talents of grey nomads in voluntary projects. The skills, knowledge and experience are being used in a unique program.

Read more here

Judy Glen........Un Real Flowers

Judy has been described as ‘one of Australia's most unique talents. She has achieved national and, increasingly, international success as a comedienne, actress, satirist, television performer, musical theatre artist and concert and operatic soprano’. Judy is also a creative and talented floral decorator'. Read about the amazing Judy Glen here

Sent to us by a ‘Silver Surfer’

As we Silver Surfers know, sometimes we have trouble with our computers.
I had a problem yesterday, so I called Eric, the 13 year old next door, whose bedroom looks like Mission Control, and asked him to come over.

What did Eric do next? Read here

Retirement Careers.....Goals

Retirement Careers by DeLoss L Marsh

This book is a good read. DeLoss says: ‘most of us must continue meaningful pursuits in order to maintain our self worth’.

This is what DeLoss says about goals in retirement

They Said What!?....Quotes

Throughout the ages, retirement has been a talking point.
See what others have said about it here

Expats Moving Overseas – Ten Tips to Transition to a New Culture

‘The complexities of moving to a new culture are immense. Typically, expatriate training programs include a cross-cultural component. However, I believe there are some areas which may be overlooked as the expatriate and possible family members prepare to move overseas.
Read Heather Markel's interesting article and tips here

Jill and Richard At St Marguerite Hotel, Devon

After working in different roles for various organisations, working in the City of London and doing a lot of travelling overseas, Jill and Richard decided to ‘do their own thing’. Meet this engaging, energetic couple who have a zest for life and big plans for the St Marguerite Hotel in Devon.
Read about Jill and Richard's business here

Retirees Unhappy........

‘Most of us try to have some kind of financial plan in place when it comes to our retirement but how many of us plan how we're going to fill our days’?
Read why some retirees are unhappy here

A First Class Performance........John Ayliffe, Kangaroo Island

It is not often that you go to a performance and it is just so good, that you say ‘let’s go back to that again.…tomorrow’.
Well, that is exactly what happened when we attended a unique performance on South Australia’s Kangaroo Island.

Read the latest news here

Retired And Love Travelling? The Latest Grey Nomad Action Program News

Further in this section, you can read about the Grey Nomad Action Program, that occurs in Barcaldine, however,….

Read the latest news here

Burwell, The Architect Who Keeps On Creating

After being an architect for 40 years, it was time for Burwell Hunt to move into his second career. He and his wife, Lorraine (also a vibrant, creative person), moved to one of the picturesque areas for their second careers. Several years ago, he attended weekend workshops and night classes, with the result being that unique jewellery is now created by the ‘retired’ architect. ‘We would find it difficult to survive without serious involvement in a craft’.

Read about the creative Burwell here

Have A Chuckle

Need a chuckle?
Check out these retirement chuckles here

Retired Moments?

There is a cartoon that is sent around in emails every so often with the title of ‘Senior Moments’. Amongst the cartoons is a pie chart that has segments of ‘Sleeping, Working and Eating’, with a large piece of the pie devoted to ‘Looking For Things I Just Had a Minute Ago’.

Read about how to avoid Looking For Things I Just Had a Minute Ago

Ann And Peter Make Wine In Mudgee

From Pharmacy and Sales Management careers to a great lifestyle in Mudgee, Ann and Peter Wormald’s dream came true! Ann says, ‘Isn‘t it every wine drinker’s secret wish to have a vineyard and make your own wine? Well it certainly was ours! We bought the property in 1995 having driven passed it so many times over the years saying to each other how much we wanted to see inside the old house. We then organised the planting of the grapes and finally were able to move up’.

Read about Ann and Peter Making Wine In Marvellous Mudgee Here

Career Changers In The 21st Century Will Face New Challenges

Cathy Goodwin, author of the e-book, ‘Your 21 Day Extreme Career Makeover’ says, ‘Most career change comes about through serendipity, not linear planning. Research shows that nearly every career choice and career change includes an element of luck or chance’.

Cathy article is here

Retirement Passion And Purpose

Do you know someone that suffers from ‘Relevance Deprivation’ or the ‘I Used To Be’ syndrome? These are the people whose working lives have shaped them to such an extent that they haven’t been able to leave work behind. It doesn’t matter if they were a CEO of a multi-national company or a blue collar worker, the day after some people retire, they have lost their ‘title’….eg: ‘Chief Widget Maker’, ‘Top Banana’, ‘Second Banana’ and so on.
Read about retirement passion and purpose here

Leaping Ahead On Kangaroo Island....Raelene and Ian's Story

Ian and Raelene live on Kangaroo Island, in South Australia. It all started when they were searching for a beach house.

Ian says: ‘Friends of ours had expressed interest in looking at a shack in Penneshaw Kangaroo Island so we came with them one weekend to inspect the property. We loved the town’.

Raelene had always wanted to operate a B&B and Ian thought he would go into “semi retirement” to undertake building maintenance or similar. We seized the opportunity in 2004, bought a block of land in Penneshaw, designed two beach houses (one for us and one for rental).

Read their Kangaroo Island story here

Make retirement work: What to do when there's no more 9-to-5 calling

Retirement! It may be something you elect to do or it may be thrust upon you in a “downsizing” or “layoff.” Either way, one day you are a productive member of the workforce and the next you are a retiree. Will you be ready?

Read about making your (or others) retirement work here

Grandparents Victoria, Did You Know?

Anne McLeish is the Director of Grandparents Victoria. Anne says, ‘Members are currently drawn from all walks of life and hold a range of all political views but any differences amongst us become unimportant when talking about our grandchildren. We are bound together by our determination to do more to improve matters for all the community’s grandchildren’.

Read about Grandparents Victoria here

The Grey Nomad Teacher Employment Program

Shirley Richards, Principal Project Officer from the Department of Education, Training and the Arts has provided some great information for those who are thinking of travelling and working in Queensland. Shirley writes: ‘The Grey Nomad Teacher Employment Program supports ‘Grey Nomads’ who are interested in casual or temporary teaching placements in regional Queensland schools. Participants can extend their stay in areas or plan their travels around one or more short-term teaching placements’.

To find out further information, please click here

A Passion For Dolls....Lorraine Abernethy

Lorraine Abernethy is a person with a passion and purpose, who loves making stunning dolls. Retire? You're joking!? Lorraine says 'Retire?, Never - fingers will become arthritic, eyes will go…..but I'll continue to finger fabrics!" Lorraine lives in a beautiful part of the world, where the climate is good enough to grow bananas!

Read about Lorraine's fascinating and beautiful passion, and where she lives, here

Graphic Design, Operation Cleft And Men's Sheds!

Brian Martin has a background in graphic designer…including lecturing at Swinburne University and running his own business (Electronic Studio Pty Ltd). He is also involved in Rotary and is a strong supporter of ‘Operation Cleft’, which his Rotary Club developed….it provides cleft operations for disadvantaged children in the Asia region. So far over 3,000 operations have been funded such inception. Then, there is Brian‘s involvement in Men's Sheds! Brian says that he is also 'working hard at my next “career” as a landscape artist specialising in pastels’.

Read about Brian's interesting and stimulating life here

Barcaldine Calls For Grey Nomad Volunteers

Do you want to have a different travel experience?, meet new people?, use your skills and knowledge? Well, Barcaldine may be the place for you.
Each year 15,000 - 20,000 grey nomads visit Barcaldine, a town with around 1,900 people. It‘s located 518 km west of Rockhampton, in central western Queensland. Barcaldine is known as the 'Garden City of the West’. Historically, the town is known as being where the Australian Labor Party had its beginnings and also for the great shearer's strike of 1891.

These days the town is also becoming known for its innovative program to harness the talents of grey nomads in voluntary projects. The skills, knowledge and experience are being used in a unique program.

The very enthusiastic and friendly Project Co-ordinator, is Douglas Stewart. Read our interview with him here

Retirees....Be On The Alert!!

Do you know people who seem to drift along in their second lives? You may know some of them: the ones who don’t have goals, aims and dreams? The ones who don’t have meaningful activity, but say they are ‘busy all the time’?

Those people should be on the alert! Read more here

Your True Age....

"Age does not depend upon years, but upon temperament and health.
Some men are born old, and some never grow so."

This quote is attributed to Tyrone Edwards. Read on here

Your Lifestories....With Patti Miller

Have you ever thought about writing your memoirs, but were daunted by the task? For many the very thought of putting pen to paper is frightening! Fear not! There is a dynamic lady named Patti Miller, author, and 'Australia’s most experienced life–writing teacher’ who can help get you on your way. Patti not only conducts workshops around Australia, but in Fiji and Paris!

Read how you can learn to write your memoirs here

Retired?....Grey Nomads Work Their Passage

In their late 50s, Wayne and Charan Cason are among a new breed of workers whose versatile skills and old-fashioned work ethic are in high demand from WA businesses seeking to capitalise on the growing army of grey nomads across Australia.
The story is here


There‘s no stopping this couple in their 'retirement’ / second career / second life / ‘refirement’…call it what you will! Read about Alan and Audrey here. They‘ve even 'adopted’ a penguin from Victoria, Australia

Read their story here

Boomers Who Aren't Ready For Retirement Go In New Directions

By Sara K. Clarke
Orlando Sentinel

When Bonnie Sose first retired from the publishing business, she dreamed of spending her days reading, writing and travelling the world.
She quickly adjusted her expectations.
After about three months, I went mad, said the 59-year-old businesswoman from Orlando.

Read the story here

The Stationery Whizz

Have you ever despaired at the cost of good quality stationery? Julie Forbes found stationery to be expensive and not always of good quality. So, rather than complaining she did something about it! The result is a business called, Nôte Couture, that produces “high quality, reasonably priced personalised stationery”. Julie also adds, “I've gone from a well paid 4-day-a-week job in advertising to working 7 days a week for myself - you know what they say about bosses - "I used to work for an idiot, now I'm self employed and work for a lunatic”!

Julie's great story is here

Not Ready To Retire, But Want A Career Change?

Cathy Goodwin Phd says that 'Career change isn't about speed. It's about momentum. By way of analogy, if you want to go three blocks, you walk.
Want to get there sooner? Walk faster. Slower? Stop and take a few breaks along the way'.

Read Cathy's suggestions here

'Age Makes No Difference'....Neilson Kite

Neilson Kite, a management consultant, says that ‘Age makes no difference’.At 65 he is still working full time.

He says, ‘Age makes no difference….’ Although some would argue that with increasing age, your mind makes appointments that your body may not be able to keep, it is an open and agile mind that makes more difference to your enterprise than your physical faculties. It is not necessary to be a workaholic to be successful.

Neilson's story is here

Time Share Boating

Yvonne Williams reports on time share boating: 'Here is a fantastic idea for those who love boating but can’t be bothered with all the hassles that go with ownership. Time share boating has become a very popular alternative to owning your own and companies providing these services have sprung up all over Australia. It’s a bit like joining a golf club you pay your fees and have access, in this case, to a fantastic cruiser and a brilliant lifestyle.

Yvonne's report is here

Yvonne And David Williams Test Drive The Audi Q7

One sunny morning, Yvonne and David Williams took a test drive of the Audi Q7 and drove to the beautiful Victorian seaside town of Queenscliff Read their comments here

Italy In Red

Yvonne Williams of wheeldestinations.com tempts you with a tour of Italy…with a difference….something for drivers as well as those who like to cook.

Read about Italy In Red here

Old Plod of Plympton

David Farley is a retired UK policeman. He retired as an Inspector in 1996, and was a police officer for 33 years. In his retirement he has a number of interests and also likes to ‘Blog’. The blog is called ‘Old Plod of Plympton’, with the comment: The hopes, thoughts and wishes of a retired English police officer who spends far too much time in front of his computer instead of taking exercise!

David's story is here

The Expat Genealogist!

Leone says that she takes as ‘many opportunities as I can’, and this has included moving to live in Singapore with her husband. The expat genealogist left behind her professional life in Australia, and says ‘I am calling myself a “lady of alternate pursuits”, rather than a “lady of leisure”, but I must add here that I have enjoyed my life outside of the workforce far greater than I thought possible’.

Leone's expat life and account of her family tree research is here

Random Acts Of Genealogical Kindness

Helping others with their family trees is a passion of Rick‘s. He is a member of 'Random Acts Of Genealogical Kindness’. ‘RAOGK is a global volunteer organization. With over 4000 volunteers in every U.S. state and many international locations, we have helped thousands of researchers. Our volunteers take time to do everything from looking up courthouse records to taking pictures of tombstones.’

Rick's interesting RAOGK story is here

It's Gold!! For Hilary

It‘s not every day you meet a Gold Medal Winner…in Dragon Boat Racing! This was a first for Australia! Hilary's passion and enthusiam for her sport is clear when you read her story. Hilary says: 'It was such a proud moment for us all. I will never forget the feeling. Listening to the anthem and watching the Australian flag go up first was a tear-jerking time for us all’.

Hilary's amazing story is here

Simple Solutions For Difficult Problems

How do you adjust when you are forced out of business…and decide to move from the city to the country? Enterprising couple Carol Jones and Victor Pleshev took the leap and say, ‘We climbed the mountain and we now have 90,000 customers all over the world who love the products they’re using’. However, this is no ‘sugar coated’ story….they say that 'everything' was hard about establishing their business.
Carol and Victor's story is here

20 Ways Older Workers Can Sell Themselves

Older workers don't need to be defensive about their age—they've got so many selling points, says Liz Wolgemuth (of US News). Older workers often subscribe to certain myths about themselves, and they may end up hiding their age or apologizing for it when they search for a job.
What do you think? Read the article here

Pursuing Her Artistic Passion

Sandra Kranz lives in one of the most picturesque areas of Victoria…right at the foot of the majestic Grampians. She started to paint when she was six, but it was quite a few years later that Sandra became ‘serious’ about her passion.

Alison Barclay, in the Herald Sun, says: “For eight years, when living in Portland she rose every Saturday at 4.30am to catch a bus to Warrnambool, then a train to Melbourne, then another train to the Malvern Artists Society, where she studied from 1pm.” Sandra would arrive back in Portland at 11pm that night.

Alison also writes, “Sandra’s picture of the waterfront war, which hangs in the Maritime Union of Australia HQ, was a hit; 1000 copies were made, of which copies were given to former South African president Nelson Mandela and MV Tampa captain Arne Rinnan.”

Sandra is a warm and down to earth person who is quietly pursuing her passion.

Read Sandra's story here

Fun And Flying In The Outback

What do you, as a couple, do after 30 years of work? Put your feet up?, get the golf clubs ready?, collect the travel brochures? Not if you are Lyn and Darrell, who applied for a job in the Australian outback at a remote airport. Their enthusiasm and zest for the work is clear, despite the job often needing them to be on duty 24 hours a day, and it being being a 3 + hour drive on a 4X4 track to the nearest town…tough if you want to order a pizza! However, as Lyn says, 'You never knew what the day would bring. The mottos were “expect the unexpected” & “be careful what you wish for”. (We wished for a pizza once - and a helicopter pilot delivered 13 of them!).

Read their amazing story here


What others have said about retirement, ageing, going forward.

Read them here

The Australian War Graves Photographic Archive

A chance meeting with a volunteer photographer from the Cassino War Cemetery in Italy was the start of Matt Smith's involvement with the Australian War Graves Photographic Archive. Having a passion for military history, Matt loves his involvement.

Matt's story is here

Flexible Employment Strategies

Jackie Cook is a dynamic person who continues to have an interesting journey. She is a qualified engineer and was the CEO of a $180M turnover organisation. Jackie has established a ‘full recruitment service that aims to assist employers in using non traditional methods of employment to fill those difficult gaps within their organisations. Full time, part-time and flexible placements’.

Jackie's story is here

Fun With Family Trees

Pursuing your passion can be dangerous! For Ian Marr it has meant being 'attacked by ants, a snake, treading on a rabbit, twisting my ankle several times, skirting around bee-hives, travelling on the back of a motor cycle and four-wheeled farm bike…..and, of course, been drenched by unexpected cloud bursts‘. Despite this he still loves his family tree research!!, saying, 'it’s still an interesting and worthwhile hobby/pastime’

Family tree buffs, and others, will enjoy reading his tale here

VIEW Clubs

V.I.E.W. Clubs were established by the Smith Family, with the purpose of promoting the Voice, Interest and Education of Women. VIEW has continued as an organisation with a twofold purpose: to provide a support network for women to meet in friendship and to support the work of The Smith Family.

Read about VIEW Clubs here

Great Story....Carol's Dad

From Carol….“My father was forced to retire twice. In 1974, when he was 63, the company forcibly retired everyone over the age of 50. Including all their senior management. Thousands of years of experience was shoved out the door. Hard to believe, isn't it?” However, read the whole story, and how he ended up working at something he enjoyed….
Click here

Classic Moves

Pam Heath had seen people move from their home into a retirement village or nursing home, and how important it was to get it ‘right’, so she started a business called ‘Classic Moves’. Pam had a background in education for 25 years before establishing her business.

To Read Pam's Story click here

Writer's World

Bubbly, enthusiastic, smart, warm….we could go on when describing Di Berold! She is the author of ‘Writer's World’, a book that inspires you to want to write. Have you ever considered writing the novel, poetry, your family history, a Club newsletter, snippets or musings? This is the book to have! It is easy to read, full of great ideas and a source that you will keep using.

Read About The Wonderful Writer's World Author

Dentist In A Box

Dr John Banky is a Dentist with a difference. He has invented ‘Dentist In A Box’, which is a Dental Emergency Kit, designed for people who are not near a dentist and need emergency (dental) First Aid. ‘Since its launch, it has penetrated markets such as the Australian Defence Forces, mining and exploration companies, commercial shipping fleets,sports organisations such as Australian Institute of Sport, AFL Medical Officers and an increasing number of sporting teams, schools within Australia and overseas’.

Read About The Dentist With A Difference

"Murder In The Pulpit..and Other Encouraging Essays' by Rev. Harlin Butterley

The Rev. Harlin Butterley is no ordinary ‘man of the cloth’. He is a man of many parts….Dean of Hobart, School Chaplain, Chairman of Brighton Grammar, Speaker, Rotarian…and author of ‘Poisoned While Preaching’ and his latest book, ‘"Murder In The Pulpit..and Other Encouraging Essays’.
In younger years he was known as ‘Harem Butterfly’!

Read About The Amazing Harlin Butterley

Early Days Of Retirement, By Gilbert Brown

The late, great, Gilbert Brown, for many years, enjoyed writing poetry. In this poem he writes on his early days of retirement.

Read About The Early Days Of Retirement

Why Stop?...The 50 Year Career In T.V...

If you‘re having fun, why stop? After a 50 year career in television, including 35 years as the host of 'The Price Is Right’, Bob Barker has decided to retire. We can't quite see him sitting around, and sure he will be doing something else.

Read About The Remarkable Bob Barker

From IT To 'Output Management'...Ed's Equine Story

From a career in ‘high tech Marketing, primarily developing software for hardware and software engineers’….to being the ‘CEO’ of an ‘Equine Output Management’ company….Ed has found a way to combine his love of horses with a business idea. It is a simple idea….and Ed‘s 'CEO’ title is a little different to the usual ‘CEO’ tag.

Read About Ed's Story

Fruit Bats....Not Acting Their Age

The Fruit Bats is an older adults circus program. Forget the gentle exercises that older people are reminded to do. As one member, Adele, said, ‘When you were four years old, did ever want to run away with the circus?….well come and join the Fruit Bats!’

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Sick Of The Rat Race And Have IT Skills?

What does someone, who wanted a lifestyle change, do after 25 years in the IT industry, having worked in Melbourne, Sydney, Hong Kong, Singapore and Bangkok? You apply for a job that recognises your IT and management skills…a job that is interesting, challenging, takes you to an area where you can catch Barramundi before breakfast and work with friendly people.

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Be A TADVIC Volunteer

Have you always wanted to modify or invent equipment? For over 10 years John Hansford, a retired engineer has been has been helping TADVIC (Technology for Independent Living).

‘TADVIC is a non-profit Victoria wide organisation whose technical volunteers make or modify equipment for people with disabilties whose need for physical independence cannot be met commercially’.

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Back To The Books!

Ever thought about returning to study? Terry has done more than thought about it. He has enrolled in a degree course and is loving it. Being unable to attend a university when he was younger, Terry has ‘seized the day’ and there is no stopping this dynamo! Terry's advice for those thinking of returning to study? “Give it a go; especially if you have never studied before but have always dreamt of it. One should never die with an ‘if only’ on your lips”.

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Sym - ply The Best!

Annette Sym is another inspiring person. Her story begins when she had a desire to write cookbooks with recipes that were healthy, easy to make and helped with weight loss. Despite challenges in the beginning, Annette has gone on to sell over 1.5 million cookbooks, appear in the media, speak at conferences, win awards……….the list goes on! Annette is an enthusiastic and bright person who says ‘her husband is her rock’, she is also inspired by “other people who have lost weight and small businesses that set up and do well”.

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The Hospitality Locum Couple

Have you ever thought about managing apartments? Yvonne and David Williams did more than think about it…they found themselves jobs online.

The Williams say, ‘We thought it might be interesting to explore the idea of becoming a management couple in a Motel, resort or boutique hotel - with a view to perhaps taking up a position in Queensland or somewhere on the coast of NSW’.

Their Interesting Experience Is Here

(which included coping with 15 New Zealand Firemen who did the Haka opposite the hotel every day!")

Jumpin' Jim....who keeps on jumping around the world.

Meet Jim Brierley….he has been sky diving for quite a while, and has done 2,808 jumps, to date, and has skydived in: Hawaii, NZ, Jordan, Switzerland, Bali and Canada. His world ranking by age is “probably about 4th or 5th” When asked about his motto, he replied: ‘It sounds like a question I was once asked by an American war correspondent before an operation in Italy (which was aborted): “What do you guys shout before jumping; our boys yell 'Geronimo’? Nothing” I replied. I think my answer is in there somewhere.
Oh, and by the way, Jim is over 80 years of age, and Australia's oldest active skydiver (as far as he can tell).

Australian Skydiver magazine has written an entertaining article about Jim here

Travelling With Pets, An Innovative Idea

Julie Fischer was disappointed at not being able to travel with her dog. However, this has led to the establishment of an online business, that is being developed.
She says: ‘It was while contemplating some of the “restraints” of travelling with a pet (we certainly couldn't leave our Charlie behind) that I thought to myself, "wouldn't it be great if we knew someone in the place we happened to be, that thought like us, and would be happy to care for Charlie for a short time while we did whatever we wanted or needed to do’.

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Passion In Perth...The Librarian Did What!?

When you have a passion for information and enjoy helping others, but don’t want to be confined to a library it’s time for a change. Chris Lees is no ordinary librarian…this dynamo from Perth has created a business she loves (‘Prepared Mind’) and is having fun.

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Whippets and Pampering

What is the connection between Whippet dogs and a holiday in Noosa? Maureen and Warren’s hobby is a specialised one that has clients fly them to Noosa to look after their pets!
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Sipping A Wine Or Two....

Colin Spencer has a lifestyle business that involves his family. The Spencer family took over a vineyard north-east of Melbourne. This is not for the faint hearted, but it is rewarding. Colin believes that retirees should not buy a winery without first knowing the pitfalls and the hard work involved. He suggests that one way for pre and post retirees to find out about the wine industry is to volunteer at a small winery. ‘Many small wineries would love people to volunteer for a few days a week, and sometimes this can lead on to paid work’, says Colin.

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From Sydney To One Of Victoria's Undiscovered Hotspots

Dale and Tom Dooley made the move from Sydney to one of the best lifestyle destinations in Australia. Not wanting to retire, but wanting to have a business in which they could both work, in a great country area, the Dooleys made the move. A friendly and innovative couple, they have involved themselves in the community and are loving the change.

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A Scottish Experience With A Difference

Staying in a Scottish bed and breakfast was the start of new international friendships and experiences for one Australian couple. Mary and Bert are a delightful couple, who are in demand in Scotland and have introduced an Australian icon into Scotland!

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The 4WD Club That Does Not Rush

One 4WD Club likes to travel Australia in a leisurely manner. It has over 200 members.

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'Experienced Man's Skills Wanted And Valued By Company'

Graham Cooke was in his mid-50‘s when he decided it was time to move on after nearly 25 years, and it was a case of 'Where To Now?’ Fortunately, after a long search he found an employer who ‘looked across the divide of generations and glimpsed the worth of the individual’.

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The Inventor Who Keeps Inventing!

Greg McKay has been inventing since he was about eight years old.
The Triton Foundation say: that 'Greg has an uncanny ability to problem solve.
So good are his skills, he has a business by default, where he contracts to large companies to find solutions to problems that seem to be impossible'.

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The Minister Of Religion With A Passion For Shearing Sheds And.....

We are fortunate to meet many people who in their ‘retirement’ or second career are pursuing something they really love doing. Jim Donaldson is another enthusiast, who says: ‘Find your passion, and do not allow others to squash your enthusiasm. Persistence leads to achievement and goals’. Shearing sheds, Scottish emigration to Australia….are a few of his passions.

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"Build It And They Will Come"

The Tinetti's have gone from dairy farming to the world of cricket. The entrepreneurial family from central Victoria have established a fantastic cricket venue where you can play in a team and also watch cricket bats being made.

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Elements of a 'Portfolio Lifestyle'

Many people are rejecting traditional work patterns in favour of pursuing their passions. For some this will involve developing a ‘portfolio lifestyle’ that is made up of some or all of a range of elements.
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70 Year Old Man 'Best Sales Person We've Had'

Every now and then, there are great stories…(and of course there needs to be many more stories like this!).

Last year a Manager of a company in Melbourne told me that one of his best employees was aged 70 when he was hired.

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