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Where to Retire in Australia


Below are some of our articles. As always we love to hear your feedback, and your stories.

This website is for general information only. You should not act solely on information in this website.

Where To Retire In Australia........ An Award Winning Australian First

368 pages of useful lifestyle information covering 24 great locations spread around Australia, Full colour Maps, Statistics, Tips and Advice.

Forget the French Riviera or a sun baked Caribbean Island, instead tantalise your sensations by retiring in a unique environment in the “Land Down Under”.


From The U.S. To Agnes Water, Queensland.....Marci and Breck's Story

When people from overseas come to live in Australia, they often settle in cities (if they are working), and coastal areas if they are thinking of a seachange/retirement. However, it could be argued that there are not many people who would think of moving to a remote Queensland area, around 500 klms north of Brisbane…..unless you are adventurous and go-getters like Marci Russo and Breck Morrison.

Marci and Breck's story is here

Avoca Lifestyle

Where to retire after spending 32 years in a Gippsland town (population around 13,000)? If you are David and Helen Porra, the answer is Avoca in the beautiful Pyreness region of Victoria. Located around 200 kilometres north-west of Melbourne, Avoca was established as a sheep and cattle grazing area and later became the commercial centre of the region, due to the 1850’s gold rush. It is also an area popular with tourists wanting to sample award winning wines.
Read about the Porras move to Avoca here

Singleton Is Tops!

After a career that took John and Christine to 7 cities, three countries (and 18 houses), it was time to think about where to retire. They chose Singleton (after reading our book!).
This couple are not ones to sit around!……..Christine belongs to NEWS (Networking Energetic Women of Singleton ) and a Fine Arts group, John is involved in Rotary, is the Chairman of the Hunter Medical Research Institute (Singleton Foundation), is working as a consultant (honorary ) with the local golf club and has also had two years on the board of the local historical society and museum….plus is on a few committees with the local council.
Read about their move to Singleton from Sydney

Half Back Retirees

Do you know someone who is a ‘Halfback’? No, this doesn’t refer to a position on the sporting field. It refers to people who make a second move to areas that are ‘halfway back’ to the place they originally moved from., hence the name ‘Half Back Retirees’.
Read about Halfback Retirees

Townsville's New Resident's Kit

Having a comprehensive New Resident‘s Kit is essential in letting people know about an area. The City of Townsville has quite a comprehensive kit (and let's not forget the 'legendary’ Bribie Island Kit).
Read what's in the City of Townsville's Kit

Echuca Ambassador Ian's Update

Ian bought a copy of Where To Retire In Australia when he was planning his move from the Northern Territory. He moved to Echuca, on the Murray River. Read Ian's update here

Is Life In Australia Getting Better?

The Australian Bureau of Statistics released a report today containing a range of information that should help Australians decide if life is getting better. That’s a big question – is life better now than it was ten years ago?

Read more

Expats Moving Overseas – Ten Tips to Transition to a New Culture

‘The complexities of moving to a new culture are immense. Typically, expatriate training programs include a cross-cultural component. However, I believe there are some areas which may be overlooked as the expatriate and possible family members prepare to move overseas.
Read Heather Markel's interesting article and tips here

New Resident For Bribie Island

Have a look at a new resident at Bribie Island!
There is a photo here

Moving North And 'Hating' It

We often mention the importance of doing your own research before moving.. And….ensuring that you don’t move to an area, ‘just because you’ve had nice holidays there’. Recently we received feedback from someone who had moved after loving ‘holidays up there’.

Read about Moving North And ‘Hating’ It here

Beautiful Ballina

Bruce and Helen say that Ballina is truly ‘Paradise’. After living in Sydney, they say they live in a place that has all the ‘pluses’ of living in a large country town by the sea without the ‘minuses’ of large city living (high rise, pollution, traffic, hassles). However, initially they both didn't want to move from Sydney. Bruce says, 'I came to believe that, although Sydney was a great place to work and raise a family, it was not the place to retire. So I commenced a ‘campaign’ to convince Helen that we should move from Sydney to ‘somewhere warmer and less hectic’. Helen’s initial reaction was ‘over my (her) dead body; all our friends live in Sydney, and this is where we should stay’.

Read about the Bruce and Helen's paradise here

For Sale By The Sea

What a surprise this person had when he returned to his home to find this sign outside his home!!
Have a chuckle here

Before You Move

Planning ahead is important. Making a checklist before you move helps in deciding where you may want to go and what is of importance to you.
Read more

Marvellous Mudgee....Ann And Peter's Story

Marvellous Mudgee. Read why one couple left Sydney and now live in Mudgee.

Ann and Peter's story is here

Merimbula, NSW: A Snapshot

Where were people in Merimbula born?
How many people aged over 65?
How many people volunteer for an organisation or group?

Have a peek here

Best Places

In the last ten years or so, we've seen the population of many of our coastal cities and towns swell, with a large number of people choosing to spend there retirement in these centres.

Click here

Treat Yourself....Have A Round At Torquay

For a great day out, or for several days away, or even as place to retire: visit the Torquay area. We‘ve mentioned the area in our books, 'Where To Retire In Australia’.

Have a look here

Retirement paradise, Ballina's new title

Research confirms what Doug Clifford knew all along: Ballina is retirement paradise.
“I have travelled all over Australia, and I've never found anywhere better,” said the 70year-old resident.
“The researchers' findings are spot on.”

Have a look here

Where To Retire Humour....USA

We were sent the following funny regarding retirement locations in the USA.
Do you have some funny comments regarding Australian locations?
Send them to us.
Have a chuckle here

The Ambassador Max Report, Bribie Island

Ambassador Max gives an insight into some great places to picnic, have a special night out and also lets us know his favourite fish shop.

Find out about this inside information here

Retire To Mandurah. Western Australia?

Mandurah: A Snapshot
Where were people in Mandurah born?
How many people aged over 65?
How many people volunteer for an organisation or group?

Have a peek here

Retirement Paradise Found?

“Ex-Melbourne couple Roy and Viola Crombie are loving life on the Sunshine Coast after moving here for a sea-change. It sounds idyllic. Particularly when you are stuck in peak-hour inner city traffic, in the rain and you know the temperature is unlikely to rise above 20 degrees for the rest of the week.And for those who’ve enjoyed holidays to the Sunshine Coast before, the concept of a “sea change” has even more of a glossy brochure allure”. By Kathy Sundstrom

Read their story here

Echuca....Mr C's Impressions

We recently received the following from a roaming Ambassador, Mr C, who visited friends who have just moved to the area from NSW.

Read his account here


Looking for a place to unwind?, a place to retire? We've researched the Limestone Coast for several editions of Where To Retire In Australia.

Read a snippet here

Successful Take Off For Pilot

Ben D has recently retired as a pilot. However, he has had a variety of jobs including: “being a solo mineral prospector in Central Australia, a bush pilot in New Guinea, working on the Snowy Mountains Scheme plus a variety of aviation tasks Australia-wide, in Germany and the United States. His recent hobbies have included: qualifying as a heritage tram driver at the Sydney Tramway Museum, where he also gained approval to drive the rare Berlin tram that they have….and then there is his hobby of aviation writing…..

Ben loves living on the NSW South Coast.

Read his fascinating story here

Retire To Toowoomba?

If you love gardening, don't like too much humidity, and love a friendly rural atmosphere, then Toowomba may be the place for you.
Plan a trip to this unique part of Australia.

Read about Toowooomba here

Forget The Fluffy Slippers

“Retirement might not be a four letter word, but it might as well be. According to Jill and Owen Weeks, today’s ageing ‘baby boomers’ are more intent on enhancing their lifestyle than slowing down”.

Read Leah Frauenfelder's article here

Retire To Gerroa NSW: A Snapshot

Where were people in Gerroa born?
How many people aged over 65?
How many people volunteer for an organisation or group?

Have a peek here

Coastal Watch Web Cam

"The Coastalwatch website links viewers to live coastal images via a network of web cameras, and provides a range of information about coastal conditions as well as news about coastal issues and events.

Read about Coastal Watch here

Why Did Ian Choose Echuca?

From Darwin to Echuca (one of the jewels on the Murray River in Victoria)…Ian and his partner spent some time debating where to move. Would it be by the coast?, to the country?, which state of Australia?, what climate did they want?
Read about their story and why they chose Echuca

New Residents' Kits

These are handy tools when researching an area…but not all councils provide good information or kits!

Read more

Six Tips Before You Move

Find out six tips…before you move!
Read more

Today's Retirees Seek Action Close To Home

The Age
By Liz Gooch

When Heather and John Carruthers stroll on to their front balcony, the wild seas of Bass Strait stretch out before them. Fishing boats bob in the distance while surfers make the most of the rising swell.

“You go overseas and you come back and you think, ‘why did I bother going to those other places?’ ” Mrs Carruthers, 62, said.

Read more here

Retirement Paradise, Ballina's New Title

By Dawn Cohen
Northern Star

Research confirms what Doug Clifford knew all along: Ballina is retirement paradise.

“I have travelled all over Australia, and I've never found anywhere better,” said the 70year-old resident.

“The researchers' findings are spot on.”

Where to Retire in Australia, gives Ballina full marks on 20 criteria important to retirees.

Read more here

Five Ways To Avoid A Poverty Package

‘Seachanging’ to a new lifestyle-rich location may be the right thing for clients, but only when their financial decisions are made with their feet firmly placed in their home turf to make sure they’re not buying into a poverty package.
Jill and Owen Weeks explain how to help clients avoid buying into a such a package'.
Read More
From IFA magazine….

How to Pick A Retirement Location In Australia

Thinking about retiring to Australia from overseas?
The Weeks' article here has some good tips.

Read How to Pick A Retirement Location In Australia

From A Place In The Sun magazine….

The Magic of the Margaret River Region

One of the great lifestyle locations in Australia is the Margaret River region. Located south of Perth, Western Australia the area has surf beaches, wineries, restaurants and cafes, scenic walks, friendly people….. One person who has made the move is Gerry Patman, who says there is also some of the ‘best fishing’. Read Gerry's story here

The Adelaide Hills

If you like the rural feel, then retiring to a place in the Adelaide Hills may just be for you.
Start at the Mt Lofty Summit, which is only 15 kilometres from Adelaide. Take a walk, have a coffee of a meal and enjoy the fantastic view (where you can see the city of Adelaide or the sea).

To read more, click on here

The Mornington Peninsula...The Early Seachangers!

Barry and Jo moved to Victoria‘s Mornington Peninsula some years ago. Barry says that some of the advantages of living there include: the beaches, the coastline and the hill country of the central peninsula. 'Compared to Melbourne it is cooler in summer and warmer in winter. Storms frequently pass to the north and south of us. Mornington township is a favourite afternoon outing, browsing the shops in the Main Street and enjoying a coffee and a snack at any of the restaurants’ comments Barry.

To read more, click on here

Blackmans Bay....Definitely Worth A Look..Ian and Charlie's Story

We researched the area south of Hobart when writing the second edition of ‘Where To Retire In Australia’, and were very impressed. One local we met said that he could be ‘fly fishing 15 minutes after leaving his desk’, (not a bad lifestyle!!).

Ian and Charlie moved from Canberra to Blackmans Bay and love it.They let us into their world and also gave a few tips on where to find great coffee, restaurants and a very good ‘b and b’ to stay at. Click on the following link to their story

What Do (or did) You Look For In Your New Home?

Choosing a new home for your seachange, treechange, lifestyle retreat…call it what you like…can be difficult. Having a checklist is very useful, as Toni and David found when moving from the city to the coast. Read about their requirements here

The Millionaire Who Lives In A Caravan Park

By Emma O'Neill
Northern Star

Michael Buoy made his millions deep sea diving while living on oil rigs across the world. Today he lives at the Casino Village RV Resort.

He is not your stereotypical caravan park resident and could live in a bayside property at Wategos Beach, Byron Bay, if he wanted to. Instead he chooses to live at the village.

Read about the Casinoa Village RV Resort here

Bird Flu And What It Means For You, Sylvester And Tweety

Is Bird Flu a threat to us and our pets around Australia? What precautions should we take? Renowned Veterinarian, Professor Jock McLean writes an informative article here

Great Seachange Group

When Maddie Baker moved to Phillip Island after a busy expat life in Singapore, she found it difficult to get involved in social activities. This dynamic lady did not sit back, she started the ‘Seachange Group’, which consists of a group of ladies who meet once a week for social activities and fun. Having attended one of their meetings, I can say it is fun, interesting and extremely friendly.

Read More About This Great Group here

The Glorious Goldfields, Ray and Lynne's Story

Retrenchment, followed by immediate re-employment enabled Ray and Lynne to move to the Castlemaine area of Victoria. Ray says ‘Castlemaine has thankfully retained many of its beautiful and substantial buildings financed long ago by the wealth of its gold, be they government or private.The area is blessed with an abundance of venues and regular opportunities to enjoy the arts and crafts provided by talented locals’.

Ray and Lynne's story is here

A Great Area of South Australia

When holidaying with their grandchildren, Lynne and her husband, Keith, found a South Australian region that fitted their idea of a great retirement spot.
Lynne says, “I fell in love immediately with the area, saw a house put in a bid, was successful and moved here”.

Read Lynne's comments

Max and Luz - one couple's story

It is always interesting to hear from readers of our books. Not long after the first edition of Where To Retire In Australia was published we received an email from a couple who had bought our book. Max and Luz read our book and were emailing from their new location of Bribie Island in Queensland! Max and Luz had moved from the desert location of Alice Springs in the Northern Territory to Bribie Island, just north of Brisbane. Since then we have kept in contact.

Continued On Next Page >

Enjoy The Art Of Living....From Our French Correspondent

Ever been tempted to live overseas…or have you thought about retiring to France!? As our French correspondent, David Sweet, says: “It’s something that increasing numbers of people from outside of France are deciding to do. In this article we will explore what is motivating these retirees, where they are moving to, as well as a few practical things to consider before moving”. Read and dream here

Gladys and Jess - Bikers In A 'Snow Bird' Town

In Australia we are familiar with the people escaping the winter chill of the south and moving north for a few weeks or months (‘Mexicans’, as many Queenslanders refer to those ‘south of the border’), but have you heard about ‘snowbirds’ in the US? Jim Sweet our US correspondent gives us an interesting insight into a ‘Snow Bird’ town on the US / Mexican border.

Read about a couple who live in a Snow Bird town

Keeping The Dragon Tamed After Retirement

Paul Chenoweth of Belmont University, comments on technology and retirement.
Read his comments here

Retire To Australia From The UK!

Geoff and Jenny have moved from the UK to Australia to retire. We often receive queries from people overseas asking about places to retire to in Australia, so it was good to hear of Geoff and Jenny's experiences.
They say they have found their paradise here in Australia!

Read about the couple who love living in Australia

Guide For Retirement Village Living - Free Booklet

Consumer Affairs Victoria has just released the Guide For Retirement Village Living. This is a handy guide and would be of interest to those thinking of moving to a retirement village, (or for those people who have family members who are thinking of making a move to a retirement village).
Read more here

Where To Retire In Australia

Australia‘s number one retirement lifestyle book…the one with the essential information to bring you peace of mind. This is no mere travelogue…it is full of tips, inside information and local knowledge. Jill and Owen Weeks have a wealth of knowledge that is fascinating and 'right on the pulse’.

This book is head and shoulders the best available resource. Those who use the book as a guide are likely to achieve their dreams.
Andrew Caplin, Professor of Economics, New York University.

Find Out About Where To Retire In Australia